partners in performance

With the current demand for talent, effective recruiting and retention strategies are crucial to achieving maximum return on investment. West Works have formed strategic partnerships to offer a holistic staffing solution.

In this age of increased security, our clients often want to know that candidates are trustworthy before they engage them, whether for contract roles or permanent jobs. The average cost of staff turnover ranges from over $8,000 for an hourly labour worker to $60,000 or more for senior roles.

BackCheck provides West Works with background checks on potential candidates from an impartial position. They have never met, and therefore do not know, the selected candidate(s). BackCheck provides comfort to our clients that they making the right decision to hire the GreatPeople that West Works has provided them with.

Learn more about BackCheck on their website.

PICS was created nearly a decade ago. Now, as a renowned contractor prequalification company, PICS offers world-class supplier prequalification, with an exceptional focus on safety.

PICS makes it easier to develop and maintain a world-class prequalification system for managing contractors and vendors.

Nico Breed - Immigration Law Centre

Immigration specialist Nico Breed has assisted West Works over the past several years in processing Work Authorization applications for us, while providing expertise in the following ways:

  • Professional, cost-effective legal services relating to all aspects of Canadian Immigration.
  • Provides solutions that cover the full range of international recruitment and immigration issues, including: temporary employment, study, visitor, permanent residence and citizenship.
  • Streamlined processes and a proactive approach make cross border transitions seamless.
  • Expedite and facilitate processing through liaison with consulates and embassies abroad.
  • Expert advice on current provincial programs aimed at fast-tracking applicants with specific skill sets.
  • On-call for employee interviews and guidance.

  • Airport meet and greet
  • Temporary accommodation upon arrival
  • Social Insurance Numbers
  • Alberta Healthcare
  • Schools
  • Car rental / purchase
  • Banking
  • Insurance / investments
  • Home purchase
  • Mortgages
  • ....... and so much more

IT Careers Canada is proud to offer visitors several services that will be of a great value to them.

From it's original Canadian Information Technology Directory, IT Careers Canada has recently added two dedicated boards : the Job board and the Ready-to-be-Hired board.